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Doyle spearheaded a refreshingly honest media campaign in which he acknowledged the company's pizza had disappointed customers and urged them to give it another try. The unexpected mea culpas brought customers back in droves, leading the Ann Arbor, Michigan–based chain to post double-digit gains over the past two years. Domino’s earnings rose by a third and the stock price has more than tripled.

Doyle learned the science of making a company more valuable at Chicago Booth, where he earned his MBA under the First Scholar program at First National Bank of Chicago, now JP Morgan Chase & Co. It's a discipline he applied in consumer products marketing, first at Gerber Products Co., where he served as vice president and general manager of baby food in the United States. 

Doyle joined Domino’s in 1997 as senior vice president of marketing for the domestic business and rose through the ranks of senior management to assume the CEO position in early 2010. Patrick Doyle combines undeniable competence with confidence in the value of his product, which he knows can be delivered in 30 minutes or less.