Weekend MBA

Letters of Recommendation

We ask that all applicants submit two letters of recommendation.

  • One professional recommendation from a supervisor - It is preferred that you select a current manager/boss/supervisor. We are seeking objectivity in the letter and we want to hear from someone who can assess both your strengths and your weaknesses. If you work for a family business or you own your own company, please try to secure a letter from a client or a bank that does business with you.
  • A second letter that can be professional in nature or from an organization, club, or volunteer project that you are associated with - These letters give us a different perspective on your skill sets outside of your professional environment. There is no preference to who supplies your second letter of recommendation; our only guideline is that it should add new and valuable insights to your application.

Whoever you choose to write your recommendation, make sure that they know you well and can offer specific examples of your performance and contributions to the organization. Avoid choosing people simply based on their title or status. We are more concerned with content and substance than reputation.

Please contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Program Office at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu or at 312.464.8700, should you have any questions.


The letter of recommendation form is available electronically through the online application system. Once you access that system, you will be asked to provide the names and email addresses of your recommenders. They will then get an email message providing them a link to the online form. Chicago Booth will also accept letters of recommendation mailed to the office.