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Greater China Club

Our Mission

The Greater China Group's (GCC) mission is to build a close-knit community for the growing number of Booth students who are interested in issues, events, and activities related to the Greater China region. We welcome students from all nationalities and backgrounds.

Our Objectives

  • Promote understanding of the culture, tradition, and business environment of the Greater China region
  • Facilitate bonding experiences among Booth students who want to work/live or who are from Greater China
  • Enhance Chicago Booth’s name recognition in the Chinese business and education communities
  • Support association members in achieving success at Booth

Our Functions

  • Student Affairs Liaison - Liaison with GBC and other Booth communities
  • Career - Provide career counseling for members and coordinate with Booth’s professional clubs to co-sponsor Greater China specific career-oriented events
  • Community - Organize small group events to facilitate bonding among members and publish community newsletter and member directory
  • Treasury - Fundraising and management
  • Alumni Relations - Liaison with alumni and organize alumni party and discussion panels
  • Social/Culture - Coordinate social/cultural events (Chinese New Year, dinners, outings, World Cup, Golf Tournament, Mahjong Tournament, Whirly Ball, Broomball, etc.)
  • Technology - Maintain website and group email lists


Greater China Club


Michelle Huang 
Li Li 
Yiru Fu 
Chenghan (Michael) Zhao
Xiaoruo Gai
Suki Han
Yiran Huang