Full-Time MBA

Common Chromosome

The mission of Common Chromosome is as follows:

Provide Open & Safe Discussion: Recognize the importance of creating a safe space to talk about what many people find to be uncomfortable issues—it can be difficult for a lot of men to feel that they won’t be judged for speaking openly, and the Common Chromosome seeks to offer a judgement-free zone for discussion.

Develop Change Agents: As the school cultivates the next generation of leaders, the Common Chromosome will work to enable all at Booth to engage as change agents, working toward eliminating barriers and gaps that impede inclusion and the equal treatment of the genders. The Common Chromosome aims to accomplish this through a series of special guest lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and awareness campaigns.

Position Booth At the Forefront: The Common Chromosome showcases Booth’s commitment to advancing professional opportunities and cultivating a supportive community. Those at the forefront of the gender parity movement call for both men and women to be visible advocates (e.g. Anne-Marie Slaughter calls for a men’s movement, to reach gender parity). Booth has the opportunity to be at the forefront of this movement by means of its inclusive gender equity group, in contrast with other institutions’ choices to create single-gender support groups.  




Rebecca Centani
Nivedita Tripathy
David Covey
Harsimran Khural