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Booth Partners

The Booth Partners club is an official Booth club comprised of spouses and significant others (all types are welcome) of Booth students. In addition to providing a variety of special events throughout the school year, we also have a diverse range of special interest groups that organize monthly social activities. Once you become a member, you are welcome to participate in all special events and special interest group activities.

Joining the club is an incredibly budget-friendly way to make some instant friends and have some fun in the city! Here's a glance at some of the membership benefits that await you.


  1. Join a close-knit community and foster lifelong friendships at an early stage in the Booth experience.
  2. Get practical advice on how to quickly feel at home in Chicago - information on the neighborhoods, things to do in the city, and more.
  3. Take advantage of networking opportunities and obtain advice on looking for a job in Chicago. You'll meet members with a wide variety of professional backgrounds.
  4. The POLO club provides a great opportunity for parents to take their little ones on regular outings and is a great resource for practical advice on raising children in Chicago. Members gain a strong support system that inevitably helps in overcoming the challenges of the busy b-school schedule, while having fun bonding time with their kids and other partners.
  5. Being involved is fun! We have several special events, such as a partner welcome party while students attend LOE, end of quarter parties, a holiday party, a farewell to second years party, as well as informal get-togethers throughout the year. There truly is something interesting for everyone. Best of all, we are a member-run organization and everyone is encouraged to get involved as much as they wish!


  • Arts and Dance subcommittee: With an array of museums and endless artistic outlets, Chicago has plenty to offer. Meet other art buffs and explore the city.
  • Book subcommittee: Members select a book each month, and discuss their thoughts at a monthly gathering.
  • Wine and Dine subcommittee: This is a group of food lovers that try out the endless selection of enticing dinner spots on Chicago's restaurant scene. Wine lovers gather to taste different wines and learn more about food pairings. No expertise required, just the desire to have fun!
  • Community Service subcommittee: Chicago is a big city and there is always something that can be done for the community. This group focuses on various efforts throughout the year that help make Chicago a better place to live.
  • Epicurean subcommittee: Gourmets and neophytes alike gather to share recipes and techniques while cooking up delectable meals.
  • POLO (Parents of Little Ones): This subcommittee organizes events for children to have fun and play with other friends their age. It's also a great resource for practical advice on raising children in Chicago.
  • Explore Chicago subcommittee: Love the outdoors and want to take advantage of all that the city has to offer with a group of good people? If so, this is your subcommittee!

For more information about the Booth Partners club, please visit our website.


For more information, please email booth.partnersclub@gmail.com