Evening MBA

Curriculum and Concentrations

There are four major components that make up the flexible curriculum with only one required course, LEAD. You choose what you take and when based on your experience, education, and goals.

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  • Foundation courses focus on developing analytical tools and knowledge that support the rest of the curriculum.
  • Functions, Management, and Business Environment cover basic business functions (finance, marketing, and operations); management (decisions, people, and strategy); as well as the business environment in which firms operate.
  • Electives cover 13 concentrations, offering students the chance to explore a topic more deeply. Concentrations will help you develop additional frameworks that enhance or complement your experience.
  • Leadership training is seen as so critical that it is the only required component. All students must participate in LEAD, where they will work on key management skills such as interpersonal communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution.

Overview of Program

The Evening MBA Program consists of 20 courses plus LEAD. Courses are distributed as follows.

Foundations (3 Courses)

Choose one course from each category.

Basic Courses Advanced Alternatives
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Accounting & Financial Analysis I; Accounting & Financial Analysis II; Financial Statement Analysis
Microeconomics Microeconomics; Accelerated Microeconomics; Advanced Microeconomic Analysis

Advanced Microeconomics Theory;

Price Theory I; Price Theory II