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We have much to celebrate and be thankful for within the Chicago Booth community – from our supportive, tight-knit community to the wonderful ventures our students take part in during and after their MBA journey. Boothies shine light on what our pay-it-forward culture is all about and how Booth’s collaborative and supportive community continues to add to their MBA experience.

When asked what the pay-it-forward culture is like at Chicago Booth, Boothies Mittul Amin and Amber Agarwal were eager to share their thoughts. Read on to hear the perspective of students at Booth.

What do you appreciate the most about Chicago Booth's pay-it-forward culture?

Mittul Amin: Our Chicago Booth's ‘pay-it-forward’ culture has grown exponentially. The most appreciated attribute is to be able to rely and count on providing and receiving selfless support at any stage of our educational journey and even beyond. There is never a dull moment. Its ultimate impact is in making our community a better and more desirable place to be.

Amber Agarwal: From the time I was researching B-schools, Boothies stood out to me in terms of helping out with my MBA research and patiently answering all my questions. And when I would thank them, they would remind me of the pay-it-forward culture at Booth. Now that I am myself a Boothie, I can see the pay-it-forward attitude wrapped around the Booth culture. Everyone is so eager to help you whether it's inside a class discussing a subject or guidance on courses to choose from. The Booth community is super active on the Slack workspace and provides an overwhelming support to everyone.

If you are reading this, and wish to chat about Chicago Booth or life in general, find me on LinkedIn. Always happy to share my experiences and celebrating the #pay-it-forward culture.

What’s an example of how the pay-it-forward spirit comes to life at Booth?

MA: The most critical instance experienced was during the pandemic. All of a sudden, everyone had to remain isolated and was worried about how to continue our collaborative education at Booth. Our Dean, faculty, administrative teams, fellow Boothies – everyone rose to the challenge and made every possible attempt for a peaceful passage. Our professors immediately made virtual classes available in no time and made sure that the quality of learning still remained at the highest possible level. Our Administration teams ensured that important safety guidelines and protocols were in action and offered free mandatory vaccines. These bold and effective efforts kept all of us together and focused on our studies.

What are you looking forward to the most during this season?

MA: During this holiday season I look forward to connecting with all family friends and colleagues in person. In the last two years, we were only able to connect virtually. Hence, we will all cherish the moments of being able to see each other in person. I plan to spend as much time as possible with my family.

AA: For the coming holiday season, I am looking forward to some travel and some relaxation. I recently had a new addition to the family and I am looking forward to showing him around the Christmas lights for the very first time!