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Application Development

“This class focuses on computer coding, which was a skillset I was lacking. I’m now using Python script to do my job and making use of code in a way I never thought I would before. In just ten short weeks, my skill set improved and I feel that I wouldn’t have my current position without these skills.”

Bret Watson, Evening MBA

Business Statistics

“Business Statistics has made the biggest impact. I learned things I used within a week, directly at work, and it had made a massive impact on what I do. I'm a consultant at Adobe and I learned some statistical modeling that I was able to apply to solve a marketing problem at work.”

Gilbert Jimenez, Evening MBA


Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity

“Professor Steven Kaplan’s class has made the biggest impact outside of the classroom for me. He helped me visualize what a career in private investing would look like and he's so well connected in Chicago that he’s a good person to have in your network.”

Tess Watson, Evening MBA


Healthcare Data Analytics

“Professor Dan Adelman’s class had the biggest impact on me. We examined real world healthcare delivery challenges through analysis of large data sets. As a healthcare provider, this has allowed me to see the effectiveness of proof of practices that we deploy in hospitals and clinics. I could use these learnings to identify higher risk patients and proactively take actions to improve outcomes.”

Christina Starks, Evening MBA


“I saw the biggest impact through LEAD, the leadership development class we all took in the first quarter. Aside from just the academics, it taught me a lot about soft skills, communication, and the attitude that one should have in terms of searching for more knowledge, interacting with others, and ensuring self-care. It was very surprising to me how much I learned from that course.”

Reggie Barnes, Weekend MBA


Managerial Decision Modeling

“Professor Varun Gupta’s class provided so many practical and intellectual skills in framing a problem. When I'm faced with a new challenge at work like a large data set or an ambiguous situation, and when somebody asks me if I can make sense of it, I now feel like I'm properly armed with so many tools, and with a solid intellectual process to break down the ambiguity into something that's very concrete and meaningful.”

Teddy Niedermaier, Weekend MBA

Social Impact Lab

"Professor Christina Hachikian’s class was a real world example of what consulting looks like in the non-profit space during the summer of 2020 when Chicago as a city, and the country as a whole, was wrestling with institutional racism, equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives - and just opening up conversations that needed to happen in the United States in terms of those issues. This class looked at how communities are affected by generational wealth and we learned about frameworks that can push towards progress and real world solutions."

Danny Urbina McCarthy, Evening MBA

Social Sector Strategy

"I'm currently a non-profit professional, but this class really opened my mind to different kinds of social impact organizations outside of the traditional models that I’m familiar with. It's been exciting to learn about social impact investing, social ventures and social enterprises, and the whole world that's out there."

Rachel Reynolds, Weekend MBA