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  1. Can I get an MBA while working full-time?
    The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA provides the flexibility to continue working while obtaining your MBA. However, in terms of post-MBA goals, you are still able to make a career change with the Evening and Weekend MBA program. Many students have been able to switch careers with the help of Career Services and on-campus recruiting.
  2. How does an MBA add value to my career?
    Chicago Booth has an excellent Career Services team with helpful and knowledgeable coaches who can provide guidance on advancing in your company, career transitions, and even starting a venture. There is also an extensive student body and alumni network to tap into for those needed perspectives and opportunities.

    Evening and Weekend students have access to all career resources that Full-Time students have with the exception of internship recruiting. Career Impact for Evening and Weekend students are similar to Full-Time students. However, there are some career paths, such as investment banking, that value experience in the given field prior to enrollment in the MBA program. If you would like to connect with our team and discuss your career aspirations, please follow up with us at
  3. How flexible is the Part-Time MBA Program?
    We are arguably the most flexible MBA Program, which means that our students' paths look very different (similar to a “choose your own adventure” story). The way in which you pace yourself, and what classes you take will vary from your peers. Our students come in at one entry point and then go off into whatever direction suits them and their needs.

    We offer four intakes a year and we want people to apply to the quarter in which they are confidently able to start the program if offered admission. Once you are a student, you are able to take quarters off as needed. You have five years to complete the program so students are able to set their own pace according to their schedule.
  4. How long does it take to get an MBA?
    Students have five years to complete the degree. On average students take two classes per quarter. At that pace and taking classes year-round without taking any quarters off, a student would graduate in 2.5 years.
  5. How does the Evening MBA compare to the Weekend MBA Program?
    The real difference for Evening and Weekend students is which course sections they have priority enrollment. Evening students will first select from courses in their home program, offered Monday through Friday at 6 - 9 p.m. Weekend students will do the same for courses offered Saturdays at 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., as well as Fridays at 6 - 9 p.m. (shared with Evening). There is an open enrollment period before each quarter, so students will be able to enroll in any open course across the Evening, Weekend, and Full-Time programs (offered at the Hyde Park campus during weekdays). If you are trying to decide which program to apply for, primarily consider when during the week you will most commonly want to take classes.
  6. Does Chicago Booth offer an online MBA?
    While Chicago Booth does not offer an online MBA, many students maximize their time by taking advantage of the flexibility of the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program. Prior to COVID, all of our classes were 100 percent in person for both Evening and Weekend students. However, for the 2022-23 academic year, we anticipate approximately 25 percent of our Weekend MBA offerings (Saturday sections) will be offered remotely.
  7. Will there be an active Part-Time community at Chicago Booth?
    Absolutely! There are a variety of ways to get involved. Whether you do the Evening MBA Program or Weekend MBA Program, you can choose from among 40+ clubs and organizations that are devoted to everything from entrepreneurship to running to social impact. Student Life hosts over 100 events per year and that’s not including activities put on by the student groups!

    What’s more, there are a number of post-class social events each quarter. The Gleacher Center (where all Evening and Weekend classes are held), has excellent reception spaces and a bar for students and faculty to get together any evening of the week. Our Student Advisory Council sets up larger social events during the year, including the Winter Formal (~600 students attended earlier this year) and rooftop seats to Cubs games. Informally, many students stick around the Gleacher Center when not in class to get work done and chat with friends.

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