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To assist in your application preparation, we compiled a list of responses to the most frequently asked questions. We hope this information provides useful insight as you begin selecting recommenders for your MBA application.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your recommenders:

1) How many letters of recommendation do I need?


Two letters of recommendation are required of each applicant.


2) Who should I select for my first recommender? 


The first letter of recommendation should come from your current supervisor. This individual can offer intimate knowledge of your impact in and across the organization. Direct supervisors can also offer more insight on your accomplishments, skills, and work experience within the organization. 


3) What if it’s not feasible to ask my current supervisor?


Perhaps you’re in a new job, or it may jeopardize your standing—that’s a perfectly acceptable reason. Choose another professional contact with relevant knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, such as a client, business partner, or prior supervisor. Just be sure to explain in your application why you are not selecting your current supervisor.


4) Who should I select for my second recommender?


Oftentimes, this can be trickier to figure out than the first recommender. While we have no preference on who you select to write the second letter, don’t immediately target the person with the most impressive title, a notable name, or the Booth alumnus you met briefly at an event. Instead, opt for someone who can speak to recent, specific examples of your performance and contributions. Consider how their perspective will offer new dimensions and insight into your candidacy.


5) How do recommenders submit letters of recommendation?


The recommendation process is completely online. Once you input their information into your MBA application, your recommenders receive an email with instructions on next steps. Then they upload your letter of recommendation into our system to be reviewed with your entire application.


6) How can I best prepare my recommenders?

Once you add them as recommenders in your application, make sure to confirm that they have received the link. Use the weeks that you’ve allotted for them to write your letter to connect further and have conversations. Share your goals for pursuing an MBA, the reasons you’re selecting Chicago Booth in particular, and refresh their memory on your specific professional accomplishments and any challenges you’ve overcome. This will help them to highlight your unique attributes and allow you to stand out.

7) What’s a common misstep in selecting recommenders? 

The biggest blunder we’ve seen is not giving your recommenders enough runway before the deadline to think deeply about your candidacy and craft a thoughtful letter. Give your recommenders a leg up by sending the invite through our app early on. Then you’ll both have more time to have conversations, process, and write. Connecting with recommenders early on also ensures your application will be its strongest when you’re ready to submit.

We hope that answering these questions provided you with more clarity on the recommendation portion of your application. If you have any questions regarding your specific situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Part-Time Admissions Team at We look forward to getting to know more about you through reading your recommendation letters!