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No matter which program you choose at Chicago Booth, you will be instructed by the same faculty, meaning you graduate with the same Booth degree. Take a look at seven reasons why you should consider a  part-time MBA program (although we could go on…).

  1. Keep Making Money: One of the biggest benefits of enrolling in a part-time MBA program is the ability to maintain your salary while attending classes.  Like you, the majority of part-time students at Chicago Booth are working professionals. It may seem challenging to work and get a Booth MBA at the same time, but we have 1257 Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students as proof it can be done.
  2. Freedom to Chart your own Course: With Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) as the only required course, students have the option to choose from over 120 classes for the 20 other courses needed to graduate, and often graduate with 3-4 concentrations.There is also an option to take up to 25% of courses remotely. The Booth MBA is not cookie-cutter and our students are empowered with choosing the courses most important to them, ranging from entrepreneurial selling and strategic management, to consumer behavior and data-driven marketing and private equity, just to name a few.
  3. Be a Part of a Vibrant Community: Not only will you have the chance to network with business leaders and expand your network, you’ll have the opportunity to become a leader yourself in one of our 30+ student-led clubs and organizations, which host over 300+ events annually. Events range from connecting with faculty, to industry topics, to Winter Formal and fun get-togethers, to Partners activities, and much more.
  4. Set Your Own Pace: Flexibility at Booth also means that you can speed up or slow down your coursework when life happens—although the majority of students graduate in 2.5 years, you have up to 5 years to complete your studies. You have the ability to fly in for weekend classes, allowing you to remain employed without needing to relocate to another city to complete your MBA. Did you know that 76% of Booth Weekend students are from outside of Chicago? Check out some of the additional perks like complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, discounted parking, and free coffee(!).
  5. You Won’t Miss Out on Career Opportunities: A vast majority of part-time students receive promotions and raises before they graduate. As a part-time student you don’t have to wait until you have your MBA degree to accelerate your career. Our Career Services staff is here to help you manage your career during your studies, from day one. What’s more, this is a connection you have for your entire career.
  6. Access to a Network of Nearly 57,000 Alumni: The Booth network spans the globe with alumni in 120 countries world-wide.  As future business partners, advisors, friends or clients, Booth alumni are in every industry and are accessible to you from the day you’re admitted.The connections you make at Booth will expand your options, open doors, and last you a lifetime.
  7. Apply Learnings the Next Day: The classroom is a safe environment where you can test out your thoughts and ideas and get immediate feedback. From developing strategic frameworks to bring new products to market, to learning how to have critical conversations with those on your team, you will have the confidence and tools to quickly apply newly learned concepts in your current job.

There you have it—seven reasons to go to a part-time program, with some extra insight into what you can expect from your Booth experience. Come check out Booth firsthand yourself by attending an Admissions event, visiting a class, or setting up an individual meeting with Admissions.