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Tell us about yourself and take us along your journey to Chicago Booth.

I’m a current second year Full-Time MBA and Masters of Computer Science student at Booth. I grew up in the suburbs and did my undergrad at UChicago in Economics. Before Booth, I worked at Kin+Carta as a product consultant, helping Fortune 500 companies build software.

What attracted you to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program?

During undergrad at UChicago, I had the opportunity to take  some Booth courses and thoroughly enjoyed them! The professors were engaging and brilliant, the curriculum fed my appetite for figuring out how the world worked, and the flexibility and density of the quarter system allowed me to choose my own path. The can-do but grounded nature of the MBA students also impressed me deeply. The Booth Scholars Program was a risk-free way for me to lock down Booth as a potential option as soon as possible, before I graduated.

What did you find beneficial about applying to get your MBA before finishing undergrad?

Studying for the GMAT and writing essays are much easier when you are still in school mode. In addition, thinking through the what and why’s of an MBA years before attending made me draft out how I would use my deferment period much farther in advance than average.

What was the application process like, and what advice do you have for those considering deferred MBA admission at Chicago Booth?

The application process was similar to the normal MBA application and required a transcript, rec letters, essays, the GMAT, and an interview, so the advice is similar to any other Booth applicant: 

  1. Gain a deep understanding of the personality of Booth students and reflect on what attributes align well with your own. 
  2. As with any community, it’s a give and take. What are you looking for in this experience? What do you bring in return? 
  3. You have limited space, so be conscientious of what each section of the application highlights for you. 

Lastly, unlike other MBA applications, you will not have work experience to ground your career goals, and that’s okay. This means you may have to be more abstract about your professional ambitions and growth path. It helps to answer not just what you are hoping to do but why.

How did you prepare for the admissions test (GMAT or GRE)?

I crammed my preparation over Winter Break of my senior year. I did the official prep books and used official practice exams to gauge my progress, supplementing weaknesses by drilling “700-800” level problems. Pretty sure I memorized idioms and vocab words somewhere in there.

How did you stay engaged with Booth during the deferment period?

I helped out with the Chicago Booth Scholars event committee. We planned events, and I met up with some of the other scholars from time to time, which helped me to stay engaged with the Booth community. 

What word or phrase describes your Booth experience thus far?

Expansive! I’ve been exposed to many people, experiences, and ideas outside of my normal circles that I would not have otherwise.

If you are interested in becoming a future Boothie, we encourage you to learn more about our Chicago Booth Scholars Program and apply to be considered for deferred enrollment. Booth Scholars also receive the added benefit of having the $250 application fee waived. We welcome undergraduate students with any major, background, and interests to apply for this life-changing opportunity. For consideration, submit your application by the deadline of April 11.