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As our students continue to make strides towards achieving their short-term and long-term career goals, our employment data indicates that Boothies are well represented in the pool of top MBA talent pursued by employers. Here are some key insights from the most recent Part-Time MBA employment data from 2022.

Part-Time MBA Employment Report Data 

Our Part-Time MBA employment report offers valuable information around where Booth students land after graduation in terms of industry, function, employer, employment source, salary, and more. With access to this resource, you can see the range of functions and industries in which our students decided to work both during their MBA program experience and after. The 2022 Employment Report includes graduates from Summer 2021 through Spring 2022.

ROI of the Part-Time Booth MBA 

Within the four months prior to and following graduation, 92 percent of students seeking a career change were able to make their desired career pivot. Of those seeking a career change, 61 percent moved to an entirely new organization, 34 percent advanced or changed positions at their current company, and 5 percent started their own company. What’s more, of those students that reported moving to a new organization, 61 percent changed functions, 53 percent changed industries, and 34 percent changed geographies. For graduates who decided to remain at their current companies, 92 percent received a promotion and 30 percent changed functions.

With a median starting salary of $155,000 and a median sign-on bonus of $30,000, our students start seeing a return on their investment shortly after graduation.

Part-Time Students’ Pursuits Across Functions and Industries

From consulting and finance to management and marketing, our students choose to pursue and secure roles in fields across the board. Listed below are the top industry and function pursuits from 2022 graduates.

Top Function Pursuits for Part-Time Students

  • Strategy Consulting – 16.7%
  • Investment Management / Research – 8.9% 
  • General Management – 8.9%
  • Product Management (Tech) – 6.5% 
  • Investment Banking – 6.2% 

Top Industry Sector Pursuits for Part-Time Students

  • Consulting – 19.1% 
  • Technology – 16.2 % 
  • Diversified Financial Services – 8.6% 
  • Healthcare – 7.3%
  • Manufacturing – 7.3%
  • Investment Management / Research – 7.0%

Part-Time Boothies Reach Around the Globe

Geographically, our students are largely located in the United States. Key regions include the Midwest (67.4 percent), the Northeast (8.4 percent), and the West (8.1 percent). Furthermore, within the Midwest, 56.6 percent of graduates are in roles in Chicago after graduation.

While Boothies may start their MBA journey in Chicago, the professional opportunities are endless from the moment you become part of the Booth community. Graduates have the option to work anywhere across the globe, and we saw 1.9 percent of Boothies from the Part-Time MBA Program bring their talents to the international market in 2022, including China, Canada, and Italy.

Booth Connections Continue to be a Valuable Asset 

Hundreds of organizations employed Boothies from our Part-Time MBA Program upon graduation. Of Booth graduates who changed employers, 46 percent attributed securing their positions to Booth-facilitated channels, such as campus recruiting, Booth job postings, alumni contacts, and Booth faculty/staff/student groups.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Part-Time MBA employment report to see where our graduates from 2022 are working after graduation. Also, for more insight on the student experience at Booth, check out our student-run blog known as The Booth Experience and student stories on our Part-Time MBA blog.