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How long it takes to earn your MBA depends on which program format you choose. Chicago Booth offers several paths, so you can do what’s best for your particular business school plan. With Booth’s Part-Time MBA Program, you take classes at a pace that balances well with your job, while the Full-Time MBA Program leads to a degree more quickly than if you continue to work and attend part time. Whichever program you choose, it’s an investment that will pay off in outstanding ROI over the course of your career—and your life.

Here’s how the timing breaks down for each MBA Program at Chicago Booth.

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs

Chicago Booth’s Part-Time MBA Program gives you the flexibility to continue working full time while attending classes in the evenings or on the weekend. These programs let you complete your degree on a schedule that works for you.

Most Evening and Weekend MBA students graduate in two and a half to three years by taking two courses each quarter, but you can pace your studies to meet your needs. Take three courses at a time, reduce your courseload for a while, or take a quarter off—as long as you complete your degree within five years of starting, you can accelerate or slow down your progress as you see fit.

Full-Time MBA Program

Students in Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program generally complete the program in 21 months (two academic years), taking three to four courses each quarter and going through the curriculum during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters each year. In other words, if you start in Fall 2022, you’ll graduate in Spring 2024.

During those two academic years, you’ll take a break from your career so you can focus entirely on your MBA studies. Classes don’t meet in the summer between your first and second years in the program, giving you the opportunity to complete a full-time internship in the industry you plan to pursue after graduation.

A Degree with Impact

Whether you plan to complete the MBA Program in two years or five, you’ll study with the same world-class faculty and earn the same powerful degree. Your Chicago Booth MBA will open doors and connect you with a global network of influential leaders in every industry. Whichever program you choose, you’ll graduate with the skills you need to lead with confidence and elevate your career.

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