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As our students continue to make strides towards achieving their short-term and long-term career goals, our employment data indicates that Boothies continue to be well represented in the pool of top MBA talent employers are looking for. Here are some key takeaways from the most recent Full-Time MBA employment report for the Class of 2022.

Background on our Full-Time MBA Employment Report Data 

Our Full-Time MBA employment report offers valuable information around where Booth students land after graduation in terms of function, industry, location, employer, salary, and more. You can filter the employment report by full-time jobs and internship data in order to see the full range of functions and industries where students are working both during their MBA program and after.

ROI of the Booth Full-Time MBA 

Within three months of graduation, 96.8 percent of the Class of 2022 received a full-time job offer (97.5 percent for domestic graduates; 94.9 percent for international graduates). With our median starting base salary of $175,000 tied for the highest MBA median starting salary, Boothies are able to see the return on their investment shortly after graduation.

In terms of job acceptances, 95.6 percent of students had accepted job offers within three months of graduation (96.3 percent for domestic graduates; 93.6 percent for international graduates). What’s more, 77.5 percent of graduates attributed their secured positions to Booth-facilitated channels, such as on-campus recruiting, networking events, alumni contacts, and job board connections. This speaks volumes to the value and return on investment accompanied with a Booth MBA.

Full-Time Students’ Pursuits Across Functions and Industries 

From consulting and private equity to finance and marketing, our students aim to pursue and land jobs in industries across the board. The top five functions listed below make up 74.2 percent of hires, with all other functions rounding out the other quarter of hires. When diving into industry interests, the top five industries listed below make up 75.5 percent of hires, with all other industries comprising the other 24.5 percent of hires. This past year, we also witnessed two industries on the rise – venture capital and healthcare. Interest in venture capital is expanding as industry pursuits more than doubled to 5.2 percent for the Class of 2022 (up from 2.2 percent). The healthcare industry is becoming a more popular field as well. This past year, 4.1 percent of students from the Class of 2022 decided to pursue a career in healthcare (up from 3.3 percent).

Top Function Pursuits for Full-Time Students

  • Consulting - 36.8% (up from 35.9%)
  • Investment Banking - 15.4% (up from 11.1%) 
  • Private Equity - 8.4% (up from 6.3%)
  • Product Management (Tech.) - 7.8% (up from 7.4%)
  • General Management - 5.8% (up from 4.6%)

Percentages in parentheses indicate top function pursuits for the Class of 2021

Top Industry Pursuits for Full-Time Students

  • Consulting - 35.5% (up from 34.4%)
  • Technology - 14.9% (down from 22.9%)
  • Investment Banking/Brokerage - 10.8% (up from 7.2%)
  • Diversified Financial Services - 7.2% (up from 6.1%)
  • Private Equity - 7.1% (up from 6.8%)

Percentages in parentheses indicate top industry pursuits for the Class of 2021

Full-Time Boothies are a Strong Force Around the Globe 

Geographically, we witnessed our students taking roles all over the world. The largest percentage (94.1 percent) of graduates were hired within the United States. Key regions include the Midwest (30.9 percent), the Northeast (29.2 percent), and the West (20.1 percent).

Internationally, Booth graduates continue to leave their footprint as 5.9 percent of students landed jobs in countries around the globe. Key international markets include Asia (3 percent) and Latin America (1.5 percent).

Employers Actively Seek to Hire Booth Students 

From classmates to colleagues, Boothies from the Class of 2022 found themselves in good company at their new jobs with dozens heading to the same firms in the fall. In fact, more than 50 percent of hiring companies hired four or more Booth graduates. These companies include McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Google, Deloitte, Facebook, amongst many others — most notably, 61 recent grads started full-time positions together at McKinsey.

Interested in taking a deeper dive? Check out the Full-Time MBA employment report to see where our graduates from the Class of 2022 found their dream jobs. Also, for more insight on the student experience at Booth, check out our student-run blog known as The Booth Experience and student stories on our Full Time MBA Blog.