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Employment after Booth

The 2020 final Employment Report is here: you can now view the data for 2020 with the Full-Time and Summer Internship reports. The 2020 data is also available in the custom dropdown filters which you can use to explore the diverse paths Chicago Booth students have chosen.

You can also now view internship and full-time data from 2006-2007 (Full-Time and Summer Internship), 2007-2008 (Full-Time and Summer Internship), 2008-2009 (Full-Time and Summer Internship), and 2009-2010 (Full-Time and Summer Internship).

Industry Giants

Booth Students are In Demand

Employers of all sizes, across many industries and functions, look to Chicago Booth for top talent.

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Grounding in Analytics

Prepared for Success

Graduates from Chicago Booth bring their firm grounding in analytics and their bold insights to any industry they enter, ranging from consulting and technology to health care, real estate, retail, energy, and more.

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