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Hundreds of like-minded women MBA students recently attended the Forté 2022 MBA Women's Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, taking on the business world before stepping foot on campus this fall, including a few of our incoming Chicago Booth Forté Fellows.

During the two-day event, attendees learned from highly successful business leaders how to develop stand-out skills and project an authentic leadership style while building a powerful network.

Hear key insights from our Boothie insiders Rachel Chen, Irene Jiang, Aamani Kura, and Rachel Wald about their experience at the Forté Women's Leadership Conference.

What was your favorite experience from the Forté Leadership Conference?

Rachel Chen: I really like the coffee chat aspect of the conference, as I got to know some positions/companies that I never looked into before. For someone like me who is trying to explore and understand different industries, I believe it is a great opportunity.

Irene Jiang: My favorite part of the Forté Leadership Conference was the guest speaker sessions. For instance, during “Dialogue with Leadership” we listened to Media Executive Jennifer Turner’s very inspiring journey through the entertainment industry as well as her passion for health education. Hearing the stories of these accomplished women and the obstacles they've had to face brought to light the changes that needed to be made for women to have access to greater opportunities, as well as highlight the progress that’s been made in recent decades.

Aamani Kura: I really enjoyed getting to meet a few of my future Booth classmates, alumni, and admissions counselors. I'm all the more excited to move to Chicago so I can hang out with these ladies again.

Rachel Wald: The Forté Leadership Conference was the perfect kick-off to begin my MBA journey! Not only did I get to chat with multiple companies within my industries of interest, but I also got the opportunity to learn from women from various functions and backgrounds. Meeting a handful of my fellow Boothies before September was a cherry on top!

Did the event meet your expectations as a Booth Forté Fellow?

RC: Yes, honestly I wasn't expecting that many companies to come out to the conference and also wasn't expecting to see so many opportunities that were available to Forté Fellows both before and after the conference.

IJ: This event did meet my expectations as a Forté Fellow as the two-day schedule was packed with guest speakers, career prep/expos, and networking opportunities, not only with recruiters but also with other students.

AK: The conference went above and beyond my expectations! All the women, students AND company reps, bonded, learned, and came out as stronger and more passionate women. The halls were filled with inspirational women and the energy was on point all weekend. The conference got me more excited for future Forté events in Chicago and beyond.

Would you recommend the event to future Forté Fellows?

RC: Yes, I think this is a great opportunity to learn more about industries and companies that I never thought I would look into before.

IJ: I would definitely recommend this event to future Forté Boothies! The Forté Conference allowed me to gain invaluable insight into what recruiting would look like in the fall, and provided some pre-MBA recruiting opportunities as well. Aside from the professional development element, the Forté Conference was an opportunity for me to meet students from many other MBA programs. It was inspiring to sit in a room with Fellows from different schools and backgrounds, knowing we were all about to start on our own exciting and transformational MBA journeys.

AK: Yes, yes, and YES. This conference was excellent and a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a sneak peek into the MBA lifestyle. We were surrounded by hundreds of MBA candidates from top programs across the world and many of the employers we'll be networking with in the fall. It was a fantastic experience to see talented women come together to uplift each other. It was truly inspirational and left us more curious, pumped, and ready to pursue our legacies.

RW: I would certainly recommend the Forté Leadership Conference to future Boothies. It gave me a great introduction to what I should expect and how to best position myself for recruitment in the fall (while still giving me a few months to enjoy my summer)!

Do you have any additional comments or thoughts you’d like to share?

RC: A current 2Y student recommended I register for this event, but I was unsure if I was going to make it due to my moving schedule. However, a lot of companies reached out for coffee chats and I thought it is a great opportunity just to explore and network.

AK: I LOVED THE CONFERENCE! Being able to chat with future employers and ask questions in a more casual setting than a formal interview was irreplaceable. Not only was I able to create lasting friendships and expand my professional network, but I was also thrilled to receive a summer internship offer at the conference. I highly recommend attending the Forté Conference for any incoming MBA women looking to explore various career opportunities! I'm confident you won't regret it.

In partnership with the Forté Foundation, Chicago Booth awards Forté Fellowships to candidates who exhibit exemplary leadership, represent diverse backgrounds, and demonstrate a commitment to advancing the interest of women in business.

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