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2020 brought about significant changes to the ways we live, work, and study and Booth students saw shifts to remote instruction and a virtual recruiting cycle. Even despite those hurdles, as well as the impact on global economies, Booth students continued to be highly sought after by companies seeking top MBA talent. The Chicago Booth Employment Report offers comprehensive data that helps you understand the Booth hiring landscape. We took a look at the most recent report for the Class of 2020 and are sharing some of the key takeaways.

Booth Career Support is a Powerful Asset

Offering both campus recruiting and support for specialized searches, Career Services is a powerful driver in internship and post-Booth career success. For the Class of 2020, 80.2 percent of the job placements were through Booth-facilitated channels including campus interviews, alumni contact, and Booth networking events. Nearly half of students were hired through a Booth-facilitated summer employer.

Students’ Pursuits are as Diverse as They Are

From technology and consulting to nonprofit and real estate, Chicago Booth students have questions to ask and waves to make in every industry.

Top Industries: 

  • Consulting - 38.2%
  • Financial Services - 30.3%
  • Technology - 16.3%
  • Consumer Products - 4.8%
  • Healthcare Products and Services - 3.5%

Boothies Remained Marketable in a Changing World

Despite the economic impacts of COVID-19, Booth students, whether domestic or international, continued to secure internships and full-time employment. By three months post-graduation, 92.8 percent of 2020 graduates reported having received full-time job offers (91.2 percent international graduates; 92.4 percent domestic graduates). In terms of job acceptances, 91.4 percent had accepted job offers within three months of graduation (91.2 percent international graduates; 91.4 percent domestic graduates).

Our Reach Continues to be Global

Upon obtaining their MBAs, Booth students pursue employment opportunities around the world. The largest percentage (91.4 percent) of graduates were hired within the United States. Key markets include the Midwest (32.7 percent), the West (24.6 percent), and the Northeast (22.6 percent). 

Looking internationally, the Booth footprint continues to span the globe with 8.6 percent job placement in key markets such as Latin America and the Caribbean (3.7 percent), Asia (2.9 percent), and Europe (1.3 percent).

Employers Hire Booth Students

In 2020, Booth students accepted full-time roles at nearly 200 unique employers. Twenty-two companies hired four or more Booth graduates including McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain, Amazon, PwC Strategy&, Accenture, Google, Morgan Stanley, and others. 

Interested in learning more? See where Booth students landed by using the tools and filters of the employment report. To read insights and perspectives about the various careers you can pursue at Booth directly from students, check out The Booth Experience blog