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Involvement in student organizations is a great way to meet new people and form meaningful connections with individuals that express having similar interests. At Booth, there are a multitude of MBA student-led groups to choose from that range from professional and career oriented to regional and special interest. Read on to learn more about the religious affiliated groups on campus, specifically from the stance of current co-chairs within our Full-Time MBA Program


Religious Affiliated Student-Led Groups

recent Catholics at Booth event Placeholder

Catholics at Booth

Catholics at Booth (CAB) provides an opportunity for Catholic students to build community, deepen their faith through intellectual and spiritual formation, and increase awareness of the Catholic perspective on campus.

“As Booth students, we are incredibly driven individuals who value continuous learning. For me, this philosophy also carries over to my faith life. Joining CAB has provided me with a community that encourages insightful discussions on real-world topics within Catholicism. I have met wonderful people who share and listen to viewpoints in a respectful, non-judgmental fashion.” – Phil Weinert, co-chair of Catholics at Booth

Catholics at Booth
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Christians in Business

Christians in Business (CB) seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of fellowship where students can grow in their faith during and after business school. CB offers students the opportunity to integrate faith and prayer into their Booth experience through thought-provoking Bible studies, speakers, and luncheons, as well as the opportunity to get support from an amazing community.

“Christians in Business club provides a community of faith where I can not only grow in faith, but build relationships with people who also seek deeper meaning and purpose in life through our relationship with God. The club is also an invaluable way of cultivating leadership skills, and gives our co-chairs and members opportunities to lead outings, retreats, and Bible study groups. A highlight has been our Bible Study nights, where we dive into the theology and practical applications of the Bible in our lives and support each other through prayers and community bonding.” – Blessing Okafor, co-chair of Christians in Business

Christians in Business
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Muslims in Business

Muslims in Business (MIB) is an affinity group for Muslim students and for students interested in learning about Islam as a religion. The club provides Muslims with means to preserve their identity and is open to students from all religious backgrounds.

“The Muslim's in Business group has provided me with the opportunity to meet fellow Muslims at Booth and Kellogg. Being away from my friends and family on the East Coast for the first time, MIB provided me with the opportunity to break my fast with fellow Muslims during Ramadan. We also organized communal iftars (meals) to break our fasts on Sunday nights during Ramadan and I enjoyed cooking up some of my favorite recipes for those. I also found great pleasure in attending Chicago area mosques and iftars with other MIB members.” – Amer Haffar, co-chair of Muslims in Business 

Muslims in Business

Other religious affiliated student-led groups at Booth include: the Jewish Business Students Association and the Latter-Day Saints Student Association.

The Jewish Business Students Association fosters Jewish life at Booth by offering cultural, social, religious, and educational activities to the Booth Jewish community, including partners, family, and friends.

The Latter-Day Saints Student Association at Booth exists to serve the friends and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Booth community, including prospective students, current students, and alumni. The club's mission is to help students, through activities and a support network, balance the demands of school and career with faith, values, and family.

At Chicago Booth, we want students to know that all religions have a place here. As with any student group interest that isn't currently represented, Boothies are welcome to start new student organizations aligned with their passions and beliefs, continuing to expand on the vast array of offerings that are part of our MBA experience – including religious affiliated groups and more.