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I've attended this event in person in the past, but still enjoyed this year's virtual format. This event is meant to be a social, rather than career-oriented event. In the past students and alumni gather around a meal in-person, at a favorite Chicago restaurant destination, to enjoy delicious food and great conversation.

This year we were assigned to small groups and times to meet over Zoom. Booth sent us all a DoorDash voucher to order food so we could eat together, virtually. The four of us were coincidentally all Weekend students and three were from Michigan. Two of us worked for Ford, one works for an automotive supply company and the fourth is an architect in New York. One student had her spouse join as well. I love that you never know who you will meet.

Two of the students in my group were new students who just launched this quarter. I was telling them that this is one of my favorite events. I love just being able to kick back, sit down, and have that three course meal. My last Boothies Break Bread was around the Chinese New Year and we had an excellent Asian fusion meal. I realized how much I miss the experience of connecting with others over food and that I miss the wonderful staff at the Midway Club (Gleacher’s in-door dining establishment).

It was great to see that the two new students, who had started off in a virtual format, were in good spirits. They were looking forward to coming to Booth in person but felt that all the different programming that’s happening right now really helps people feel like they’re part of the community. I couldn’t agree more! We talked about some of the non-profit Covid-related opportunities that are out there. One of the students is taking part in the volunteer effort MBAs Fight COVID-19 and we decided to shadow one of her initiatives after finals.

The conversation lasted an hour and we were the perfect number of people to have a meaningful conversation. Right after, we connected over email and promised to meet together in person as soon as we are able. I’m counting down the days to be back at school in person!

Neha Ashok

Blog Author

Neha Ashok is a student in the Weekend MBA program. Neha Ashok