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Joseph Vavra

Joseph S. Vavra

Associate Professor of Economics

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5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Joseph Vavra, Associate Professor of Economics, studies macroeconomics and monetary economics, the influence of housing on the macroeconomy and the effects of regional business cycles on aggregate activity. In his recent research he argues that monetary policy is less effective during volatile recessions and that monetary policy actions such as QE1 during the Great Recession amplified inequality.

Vavra holds multiple degrees (Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A.) all in economics from Yale University. Additionally, he earned a B.A. (magna cum laude) in math, mathematical economic analysis, and statistics from Rice University.


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Other Interests

Food, scuba diving, snowboarding


Research Activities

My research interests are in empirical macroeconomics, business cycles and monetary policy, with a particular focus on the implications of microdata for aggregate phenomenon and on whether the same policies may have different effects if engaged during different phases of the business cycle.