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For the last 28 years, Guy Rolnik has lived and worked in the intersection of business, finance, regulation, politics, and the media. First, as a financial journalist and editor, later as a business entrepreneur and founder of a media company, and in the last decade as a policy entrepreneur—using media as a tool for driving structural reforms in the economy.

Rolnik’s work as a founder and chief editor of a leading business newspaper and columnist influenced in a dramatic way the ideas, norms, and values in Israeli political economy and brought about significant changes in regulatory policies and legislation. In this process, he has gained a unique understanding of the interplay of the three worlds: business, regulation, and media. Very few players in the media and the business world have the opportunity to have these three perspectives together and students will gain new and fresh insights from this paradigm.

In 2014-2015, Rolnik won two grants from the SNI research Institute in the Israeli Institute of Technology (Technion Research University) for conducting research on “Regulatory Capture” and specifically the interaction between media, the business sector, and regulatory policy. SNI is an independent multi-disciplinary national policy research institute.

The research was done in his fellowship in the Advanced Leadership Initiative in Harvard Business School together with Dr. Roy Shapira from Harvard Law School. The paper was first presented in the main address at the annual conference of the Antitrust Authority in Israel.

Rolnik earned a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University, a Kellogg-Recanati International MBA from the EMBA program at Northwestern University, Chicago, and Tel Aviv University, and an AMP165 from the advanced management program at Harvard Business School.

Previously, Rolnik has taught courses in two leading MBA and entrepreneurship programs in Israel—the entrepreneurship MBA program at Tel Aviv University and the MBA program at IDC College.

Academic Areas

  • Strategy and Leadership

2023 - 2024 Course Schedule

Number Course Title Quarter
42123 Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How Media Influences Business 2024 (Winter)
42705 Reputation, Regulation and Communications – How Media Influences Business - Lab 2024 (Winter)
42813 Storytelling 2024 (Summer)
42124 Storytelling and Narratives in Business 2024 (Spring)