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Linnea Gandhi

Linnea Gandhi

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science

Linnea Gandhi heads Decision Science at BehavioralSight, helping businesses integrate insights and methodologies from psychology and statistics into their research programs and corporate strategies. She also coaches professionals one-on-one on ways to reduce error in their everyday decisions. Prior, she was Managing Director of TGG Group—where she collaborated with leading psychologists to develop behaviorally-informed tools and experiments for various clients in financial services, human resources, and healthcare—and was a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. With published works in Harvard Business Review, Gandhi writes and speaks about topics such as noise in decision-making, nudging, and strategies to improve measurement and experimentation in business.

Across “Managerial Decision Making” and “Choice Architecture in Practice,” Gandhi brings in corporate partners to create outside-the-classroom experiences where students not only learn theory but also get hands-on practice diagnosing and designing for how humans make decisions in real-world settings. Her new course “Strategic Uncertainty” introduces students to practical tools from psychology and statistics to hone their inferential abilities in a complex, messy, ever-changing business world.

Gandhi earned an AB in Social Studies (Psych and Phil) from Harvard University, and an MBA from Chicago Booth with concentrations in managerial and organizational behavior and statistics. She has also trained at various improvisational theater schools, including The Second City, The IO, and The Annoyance in Chicago.


2019 - 2020 Course Schedule

Number Title Quarter
38702 Choice Architecture in Practice 2019 (Fall)

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