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Why Chicago Booth?
Cindy chose Booth for its exceptional quantitative approach to marketing. Prior to earning her MBA, she worked in consulting, but was interested in starting a career in the hospitality industry. Booth prepared Cindy to think critically and analytically, which she believes helped her stand out while looking for jobs after graduation.

Cindy’s Favorite Booth Professor
Cindy’s favorite professor was Art Middlebrooks. She took Developing New Products and Services with him in her first quarter at Booth and thinks it was a great introduction to Booth. She worked as a teaching assistant with him and appreciated how much he cared about his students and how he was trying to grow the program while supporting them.

Giving Back to Booth 
Cindy was part of the Kilts Center Marketing Fellowship program while she was a student and appreciates the time that her mentor and alumni put in to meet with her and help her network. “I really benefitted from it while I was there,” she said. She also is thankful for the financial support she received from Booth, which helped her pursue professional aspirations without worrying about significant student debt.

When considering a gift to the school, Cindy encourages fellow alumni to, “Think about how you benefited from Booth, not just the invaluable education, but the time people put into helping you while you were at Booth.”