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Want to learn more about Chicago Booth’s new Master in Management Program? Starr Marcello, AM ’04, MBA ’17, deputy dean for MBA Programs, answers some frequently asked questions about this program for high-achieving recent college graduates who are curious about the world of business.

Discover how the MiM Program will advance your career goals, what the student experience will be like, who will be teaching the courses, and more.

Who Is the Master in Management Program Designed for?

The MiM is for students who pursued undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts—such as history, literature, or psychology—or in STEM fields, including astronomy, biology, and computer science. Unlike the MBA, which typically attracts students who are in a midstage of their career, the MiM is for those recently out of college with little to no full-time work experience.

Watch the video below for more insights on how the MiM differs from the MBA and how it accelerates professional development—from helping you determine the right career path to teaching you the skills you need to successfully pursue it.

Will the MiM Program Expand My Network?

Absolutely. The way we’ve designed the MiM is that your first five classes will be cohorted with the other MiM students. You’ll get to know them well and form many lifelong friendships. Those classmates will be part of the network that you take with you when you graduate, and they’ll support you far beyond your time here at Booth.

You’ll also have opportunities to connect with and learn from current MBA students, as well as the more than 10,000 graduate students across the University of Chicago. You’ll have access to both Booth- and UChicago-sponsored events, where you can network with these fellow students as well as our world-class faculty and business leaders from a wide range of industries.

What Types of Careers Make Sense for MiM Graduates?

Booth MBA alumni have gone on to lead in every industry, in every sector. Similarly, we anticipate that graduates of the MiM Program will be working in a broad range of industries, including consumer products, technology, financial services, and consulting.

The big difference is that MiM graduates will be coming in closer to the entry level, while MBAs are going in at the associate level. The MiM is really designed for people who want to apply their passions that they studied as an undergrad and get the best first step in the world of business.

What Kind of Career Support Will Students Receive?

Our Career Services team at Chicago Booth is quite robust. We have trained and served about 56,000 Booth alumni, who are all over the world working in different industries.

For the MiM, there will be dedicated career support from Career Services—things such as career coaching and career management. Professional development and skills training will set you up for the career you want to pursue.

The MiM will have five areas of specialization—analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and strategic management. Based on your area, we’ll have specific career resources that we hope will help you land your dream job after graduation.

What Will the Student Experience Be Like?

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and you’ll have the plethora of opportunities this amazing city offers right at your fingertips, including world-class museums, vibrant festivals, and an impeccable restaurant scene.  

On campus, you’ll have access to a wealth of student groups and activities where you can meet people who share your unique hobbies and interests. Inside the classroom, you’ll get to connect with MBA students and learn from the best faculty in the world. They’re experts in negotiation, behavioral science, social impact, the fundamentals of finance, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Watch the video below for more insights on our faculty, class size, and social opportunities.  

Learn More about the Master in Management Program

Delve deeper into Booth’s diverse, deeply supportive community; opportunities for professional development; and holistic admissions process. Applications for the inaugural Master in Management class are now open, and courses will begin in fall 2024.


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