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The Roman Family CDR encourages students who are interested in the study of judgment and decision making, social psychology, or consumer behavior to apply to Chicago Booth's Stevens Doctoral Program with a concentration in marketing or behavioral science.

Because judgment and decision making is a rich and multifaceted research area, the center is organized around an interdisciplinary spirit, bringing together excellent faculty and students whose interests span social and cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, consumer research, and organizational behavior.

Students at Chicago Booth benefit from flexible coursework offered in the Stevens Doctoral Program and in other departments, like psychology, public policy, and economics. PhD students can also receive rigorous training in research through collaborative projects conducted with faculty who are affiliated with the Roman Family CDR. Research at the center investigates judgment and decision making in individual, interpersonal, organizational, consumer, and legal contexts. RF-CDR faculty are organized into two groups:

Behavioral Science

The faculty of the behavioral science group aim to bridge social and cognitive psychology to related fields such as organizational behavior, economics, consumer behavior, public policy, negotiation, and business. Much of the research conducted here investigates the roles of interpersonal perception and social cognition, emotions, subjective well-being and happiness, and conflicting motivations, cultural influences, and more basic cognitive processes and biases in judgment and decision making.


The faculty of the marketing group who are affiliated with the RF-CDR study diverse topics in judgment and decision making and cognitive and social psychology including financial decision making, goals and motivation, decision making under risk and uncertainty, choice architecture, intertemporal choice, heuristics and biases, moral judgment, and causal and statistical reasoning.

For more information on requirements and application procedures, please visit the Stevens Doctoral Program information page, or contact:

Stevens Doctoral Program
University of Chicago 
Booth School of Business
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Tel: 773.702.7298
Fax: 773.702.5257

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For general inquiries or additional information about the RF-CDR, please email us, or contact:

The Roman Family Center for Decision Research
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