The Kent A. Clark Center for Global Markets brings together policymakers, financial leaders, and top scholars from Chicago Booth and beyond to examine key issues facing the global economy and international business. By facilitating the exchange of ideas, the Clark Center for Global Markets helps improve financial and economic decision-making around the world.

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Our Leadership

Our research center is led by leading scholars and experts who are committed to exploring and promoting high-quality research on timely and important economic issues facing international companies, policymakers, and the public.

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Anil K Kashyap

Economic Experts Panels

The Clark Center provides thought leadership on vital policy issues through the US Economic Experts Panel and the European Economic Experts Panel. Each panel comprises leading economic experts with diverse views who weigh in regularly on questions related to the global economy.

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Research Professional

Research Professionals

We play a critical role in launching the careers of ambitious young research professionals in global economics, public policy, and beyond. Research professionals come to Booth with graduate degrees in economics or in fields with related skills such as statistics, mathematics, or computer science.

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We’re grateful to the donors whose generous support makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission. We invite you to join us in empowering researchers to solve pressing economic problems worldwide.

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Learn more about our recent and past activities. Our Year-in-Review reports provide an overview of our most prominent achievements, research projects, conferences, and events.

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Each year, we invite prominent faculty from other institutions to join us for visits. While at Booth, these distinguished experts contribute to our scholarly environment and conduct research on issues ranging from banking regulations to pricing bounds to quantitative easing.

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