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  • Pepa Kraft (New York University) - "The Role of Rating Agencies and Conflicts of Interest: Evidence from Rating Agency Adjustments"
  • Jeff Ng, MBA ’10 (Chinese University of Hong Kong) - "Tax and Non-tax Incentives for Voluntary IFRS Adoption: Evidence from the UK"


  • Ningzhong Li, MBA ’09 (London Business School) - "Negotiated Measurement Rules in Debt Contracts"
  • Eugene Soltes (Harvard University) - "News Dissemination and the Impact of the Business Press"


  • Steven Crawford, MBA ’07 (University of Houston) - "What’s Driving Cross-listing Effects? An Analysis of Analyst Coverage Surrounding International Cross Listings"
  • Yu Gao, MBA ’07 (University of Minnesota) - "The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Choice of Bond Market by Foreign Firms"


  • Wendy Heltzer, MBA ’06 (DePaul University) - "Conservatism and Book-Tax Differences"
  • Regina Wittenberg Moerman, MBA ’06 (University of Pennsylvania) - "The Role of Information Asymmetry and Financial Reporting Quality in Debt Contracting: Evidence from the Secondary Loan Market"