Weekend MBA

Student Experience

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Whether every week you fly in from California or drive in from Cincinnati, you become part of a culture where intellectual curiosity is a common characteristic that leads to a shared passion for exploration and collaboration. The time you spend at Booth is powerful, exhilarating, and transformative. It immerses you in a community that embraces diversity of ideas, interests, and opinions—as a way to broaden insights and enrich experiences.

Student life at Booth is shaped by how you engage with your environment, as well as by The Chicago Approach™ educational philosophy that shapes our world-renowned institution. You are encouraged to go beyond your comfort zone, inviting rigorous examination of everything you face from now throughout the rest of your career. You’ll also be challenged and supported by the people around you, from fellow students to alumni to faculty.    

Through the Weekend MBA student experience you will gain:

  • Access to a rich student community with more than 30 student groups and 300+ networking and event opportunities each year to grow your network
  • Myriad opportunities both inside and outside class to build confidence, incisiveness, and develop clarity to be an influential leader
  • Expanded network and lasting relationships with peers and alumni around the world who will provide support for the rest of your career and life (75 percent of the Weekend MBA class travel in from outside the Chicagoland area)
  • Personal growth and a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride
  • Distinct way of approaching business that you can employ immediately in your current career
  • Discounted airfare, simplified travel from O’Hare and Midway with complimentary shuttle service and coffee—we pick you up Saturday morning and return you to the airport Saturday afternoon
  • Easy access to the Booth community and resources on Saturdays, including student events, faculty, administrative office, academic advisors, and Career Services 

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