Weekend MBA


The Chicago Booth Civic Scholars Program, part of the Weekend MBA Program, selects new students, known as Neubauer Civic Scholars, each autumn. The next Civic Scholars Program deadline is April 2, 2018. Here is an overview of the application process:

1. Applicants to the Civic Scholars Program must first be accepted to the Weekend MBA Program. In addition to completing the online application, Civic Scholars Program candidates must complete an additional essay explaining why their experiences and background are a good fit for the program.

2. Interviews take place in two phases:

  • As part of the Weekend MBA admissions process, qualified applicants will receive an invitation for a general admissions interview within 10 days of submitting their application.

  • Applicants who are offered admission to the Weekend MBA Program will then be considered for the Civic Scholars Program. Select finalists will receive a Civic Scholars Program interview invitation via email by the end of May, and interviews will be held in mid-June.

3. Decisions happen in two phases. All applicants are informed of admissions and interview decisions through the online applications system, under the “Application Status” section.

  • General admission decisions for the Weekend MBA Program are made four to six weeks after the completed application is submitted. Candidates might be offered admission to Chicago Booth but not offered a finalist interview for the Civic Scholars Program. Not being accepted into the Civic Scholars Program does not impact your offer of admission to Booth and we hope accepted candidates will still join the Weekend MBA Program.

  • Candidates who are interviewed for the Civic Scholars Program will receive a decision by late June.

The Autumn 2018 Weekend MBA application can be found here. The next Civic Scholars Program deadline is April 2, 2018.