Full-Time MBA

Leadership Opportunities

Companies place a high value on leadership skills and training. With more than 70 student-led groups, you can also acquire leadership skills and experience through these extracurricular activities:

  • Admissions Fellows - Admissions Fellows are a highly selective group of second-year students who serve on a volunteer basis to help the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid review and evaluate applications, conduct admissions interviews, and assist with other recruiting activities. These students play a significant role in shaping future classes of Chicago Booth and serve as an extension of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
  • Career Advisors - Through Chicago Booth’s year-round peer advisory program, specially selected and trained second-year students provide advice on how to secure positions in specific functional areas.
  • Chicago Business - A completely student-run newspaper and website, Chicago Business provides numerous leadership opportunities to Chicago Booth students. They can influence content and style by becoming an editor, or assume leadership positions in operations or advertising.
  • DStAR - The Dean’s Student & Alumni Representatives (DStAR) is a select group of students who work closely with the Office of Alumni Affairs & Development (OAAD) to promote meaningful interaction between Booth students and alumni. We strive to foster a stronger Booth community by developing alumni-student programming, promoting these events amongst the student body, and executing these events in a way that facilitates constructive networking between students and alumni.
  • Dean’s Student Admissions Committee - The Dean’s Student Admissions Committee is a selective group of first- and second-year students who serve on a volunteer basis to help the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid with various marketing and recruiting activities ranging from open houses to campus visits.
  • Dean’s Marketing Advisory Committee - The Dean’s Marketing Advisory Committee (DMAC) serves as a supportive arm to the marketing department at Chicago Booth. DMAC represents students with an interest in marketing and a commitment to building a shared sense of pride among students. Members are responsible for generating and executing a set of internal marketing efforts annually.
  • Graduate Business Council - The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the elected student body government and acts as the umbrella organization for all Full-Time MBA Program student groups. The GBC supports and enhances the overall experience of students and represents the entire student body to faculty and administration.
  • LEAD Facilitator - Facilitators are involved in a unique leadership laboratory designed to help them improve their communication, influence, interpersonal, and team dynamics skills.
  • The Mentor Program - A division of the Graduate Business Council, the Mentor Program is dedicated to match first-year students with new admits to help them acclimate to Chicago Booth. Students can put their leadership skills to work by either volunteering as a student mentor or coordinator of the Mentor Program itself.