Full-Time MBA

Cost of Attendance

The Booth MBA is more than just a two year journey; the value and returns you will yield truly last a lifetime. Prior to crunching the cost of attendance numbers, we encourage you to think critically about the resources, network, and type of experience you will need to reach your short-and long-term goals.

Chicago Booth not only offers resources and guidance to help you successfully finance your MBA, but also ensures that your tuition remains locked at the rate of the quarter in which you matriculate. Your tuition will not increase between your first and second year.

The standard cost of attendance—including tuition and fees, books, rent, food, personal expenses, transportation, and a computer allowance—is one portion of the MBA experience and is established for all students receiving financial aid. There are also various optional expenses that you may want to consider as you’re preparing your budget. These are experiences that exist beyond the classroom—things like Random Walks, Industry Treks, student groups, and events—that enhance the educational opportunities you’ll have at Booth.

2019-20 Estimated Cost of Attendance 
Three Quarters (nine months)
Tuition* $72,000
Student Services Fee $1,248
Health Insurance (estimated) $4,600
Administrative Service Fee $2,500 (first year only)
Lifetime Credentials Fee $75 (a one-time fee charged in fall of the first year)
Books $684
Room and Board $22,185 ($2,465 per month)
Personal $2,286
Transportation $1,944
Computer Allowance $1,300 (first year only)


*Total Tuition for the two year program is $144,000 and includes up to 2200 units of coursework of which 2000 units are required for graduation.

**If you have dependent expenses—a spouse who does not work, a child, or both--the Financial Aid Office may be able to adjust your Cost of Attendance to reflect your potentially higher living expenses.  

For additional information on financial aid, please contact the Chicago Booth Financial Aid Office at 773.702.3964 or email us at financial.aid@ChicagoBooth.edu.