Full-Time MBA

Application Questions


If you were not admitted (or if you declined an offer of admission), you may reapply in the next academic year. Students who are successful in the reapplication process are competitive in the current year's applicant pool and have demonstrated growth through career progress, academic preparation, community involvement, or self-awareness.

You are considered a reapplicant if you submitted an application for admission to Chicago Booth's Full-Time MBA Program within the past two academic years. If you applied to the full-time program more than two years ago, or if you applied to another Chicago Booth MBA program, please apply as a new applicant.


  • Reapplicants are required to fully complete the application for 2020 enrollment.
  • Your prior application is kept on file for two years. The Admissions Committee will review your prior application alongside your newest application in order to assess your growth and/or any changes that have taken place since the time of your last application.
  • While the Admissions Committee will review your prior application, your new application should include all information relevant to your candidacy and be able to stand on its own as complete, independent of your prior application.

Letters of Recommendation

  • You will need to submit two new letters of recommendation.
  • You may use the same recommenders as with your previous application.
  • If you use a prior recommender, we strongly suggest that you ask the recommender to write a new letter. A new letter will help us better understand any progress or growth you have demonstrated since the time of the recommender's last letter.

Transcripts and Test Scores

You will not have to resubmit official transcripts and test scores unless there is updated information.

International Reapplicants

If your TOEFL or IELTS score dates from more than two years prior to the submission date of your application, you must retake the examination.