Full-Time MBA

Lab Courses

Students get hands-on learning and face real-world business challenges in lab courses that span a variety of industries and functions.

  • Energy and Clean Tech Lab - A new lab, the Energy and Clean Tech Lab, was added in 2010, designed to provide you with a strong foundation in clean technology through a hands-on learning experience. Throughout the quarter, student teams will work on a project with a leading clean-tech firm or research laboratory, such as UChicago Tech, IITArgonne, or the Chicago Energy Initiative. Work may include solving a major issue the company is facing in operations, marketing, strategy, etc., or developing a commercialization plan for a clean technology the company has developed. Augmented with classroom instruction, lectures, and discussion will focus on issues faced by entrepreneurial organizations; core principles and technologies shaping the clean-tech industry; guest lecturers from industry experts; and more. Learn more about the course and current research projects at chicagocleantech.com.
  • Entrepreneurial DiscoveryYou'll be immersed in this experiential lab course that teaches an entrepreneurial design method to discover pressing needs in complex problem areas that will enable the design of innovative solutions. During Fall 2013, participants will work in interdisciplinary teams to identify latent, unmet needs in the areas of education and healthcare. By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the skills to discover and develop ideas with a strong foundation in user-centered design and iteratively test and execute on ideas with the intent of making a meaningful impact on various industries.
  • Global Social Impact Practicum - This practicum course is supported by the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation in partnership with Tata Trusts, one of India’s oldest and largest philanthropies. It is designed to explore issues of sustainable development, philanthropic efforts, and the creation of a social enterprise ecosystem in emerging and developing markets with a focus on India. The course will focus on the Trusts’ urban habitat initiative, which comprises affordable housing, education, livelihoods, access to basic services, sanitation, and more. In particular, the focus will be on understanding the opportunity for social entrepreneurs in the space and will include development of a plan to attract them to it.  The course begins with a required field visit to India and culminates in the development of a strategic recommendation to be presented to the client team at Tata Trusts via video conference at the culmination of winter quarter.
  • Healthcare Analytics Lab - You’ll get a look at how the healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation as operations management principles and decision modeling are being rapidly deployed to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. The course will focus on applying data-driven analytics and insights to identify and create healthcare delivery efficiencies. In teams, you will work on improvement projects with real-world healthcare institutions. Learn how to bring operations theory and analytics methods into practice, under the guidance of a faculty member.
  • Lab in New Product and Strategy Development - You'll tackle consulting assignments that focus on strategic thinking, management, and research skills. Working in teams with executives at major companies, you'll work on new product development, business strategy, and operational research. Recent Management Labs teams have traveled overseas for extended periods of time to manage projects on-site. Recent projects have included work for Honeywell International and paint company Valspar.
  • Marketing Lab Courses - Chicago Booth’s marketing curriculum offers you comprehensive, project-based experiential opportunities. Projects are embedded within select courses. Under faculty supervision, you work with your client sponsor on a project and present a final analysis to management. Read about a project that inspired new ideas for a C. Mondavi and Family winery and view a sampling of past sponsors.
    • Marketing Research Lab This course provides you with a toolkit of market research approaches and techniques to help you define key research questions that underlie strategic marketing decisions. You will collect and analyze data, and develop the strategic implications of the research findings. The types of projects include estimating market potential, segmenting the market to identify target customers, improving advertising and pricing policies, designing and positioning new products, and identifying opportunities and obstacles in current market performance.
    • Lab in Developing New Products and Services -The primary purpose of this course is to provide you with an in-depth understanding of new product development practices - including innovation product strategy and process, customer needs identification, idea generation, concept development & optimization, forecasting, and launch. The types of projects include customer needs assessment, ideation and screening to identify high-potential product/service concepts, concept testing to identify ideal combination/scenarios, and conjoint analysis.
  • New Venture and Small Enterprise Lab - You'll work closely with senior management at early-stage companies on strategic and operational projects. You'll be directly involved in helping them take their ideas to market. Students have worked on competitive analysis, marketing plans, market research, strategy development, consumer studies, pricing models, and marketing messaging for companies. The companies and enterprises that participate in the course represent diverse industries, including technology and biotech, as well as industrial- and consumer-based firms. Sample companies:
    • InContext Solutions - InContext Solutions is a Chicago-based, award winning technology and market research firm specializing in 3D-virtual simulations. By combining the power of sophisticated 3D simulation with the speed and flexibility of the web, InContext creates a uniquely salable virtual store research technology that provides clients with actionable insights for a quarter of the cost and one third of the time of traditional methods.
    • MightyNest - MightyNest handpicks content and products to help you build non-toxic, eco-friendly and stylish home for your family.
    • Protein Bar - Protein Bar is a Chicago-based quick service restaurant chain that provides active, on-the-go people with healthy, flavorful choices.
    • Solixir - Solixir is an all-natural, functional beverage with no sugar added.
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab - You'll intern 15 to 20 hours a week on projects ranging from evaluating new market/business opportunities to specific issues and opportunities for portfolio companies. The classroom component features guest lecturers from private equity and venture capital companies. Companies that have participated several times in the lab include Sterling Partners, Dunrath, Duchossois, OCA Ventures, Lake Capital, Essex Woodlands, Roundtable, WHI, Seneca Partners, Arch Development, and Prism Capital. Obtain more information about the Private Equity/Venture Capital Lab. Sample projects include:
    • Chicago Booth students have helped Dunrath identify the different segments of the security industry and focus on specific opportunities.
    • They have helped Essex Woodlands research investment opportunities in health care in China and India.
  • Social Enterprise Lab - You will explore social entrepreneurship first-hand by working with local nonprofit enterprises and for-profit ventures that have a social mission. Students make strategic recommendations to the participating organizations and firms after careful analysis in order to leverage greater growth. Sample companies include:
    • ACCION Chicago - ACCION Chicago is a small business lender, dedicated to providing financing and business education to small businesses.
    • Five Accessories - Five Accessories is a Chicago-based company that offers unique and functional fair trade fashion accessories.
    • I-Go - I-Go is Chicago’s non-profit car sharing service.
    • One Hope United - One Hope United is a private, nonprofit human service organization dedicated to protecting children and strengthening families.
    • Urban Education Institute - Urban Education Institute is a University of Chicago-affiliated institute with the mission to create knowledge to produce excellent urban schooling.