Full-Time MBA

MBA/Master's Degree in South Asian Studies

Students in the South Asian Studies Program develop an understanding of the history, culture, politics, and languages of South Asia as a complement to their MBA studies.

Students work closely with an advisor to develop a program appropriate to their research interests. Degree requirements include the successful completion of 28 courses and a master's thesis.

Business School Course Requirements

  • Leadership Effectiveness and Development (1 course)
  • Business Foundations (3 courses)
  • Functions, Management, and Business Environment (6 courses)
  • Business Electives (5 courses)

South Asian Studies Course Requirements

  • South Asian Area Studies (7 courses)
    Students should consult with faculty members for advice on courses which will be most useful to their particular needs and interests. 
  • Language Study (6 courses)
    Demonstrated proficiency in one South Asian language is required. 


Access our online application and select "MBA/South Asian Studies" program option.