Full-Time MBA

International MBA

The International MBA is designed for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of global business issues, spend some time studying abroad, develop intercultural management skills, and to build cultural and linguistic fluency. We've found that recruiters view the degree as a serious indication of a student's commitment to a career in international business.

Requirements for the IMBA degree include:

Once you are enrolled at Chicago Booth, you can contact international programs or call 773.702.4323, to schedule an appointment to discuss your interest in pursuing the IMBA degree.

The International MBA degree builds on Chicago Booth’s traditional strengths and prepares students to compete and succeed at the global level. In addition to mastering core business disciplines and developing first-rate analytical and problem-solving skills, students gain a solid foundation in international business concepts, develop intercultural management skills, and build cultural and linguistic fluency.

The IMBA degree is ideal for students interested in preparing themselves for an international career. Because of the more rigorous nature of this degree, recruiters recognize IMBA students' commitment to a solid understanding of international business.

IMBA students can choose international coursework from Chicago Booth; other professional schools on the University of Chicago campus (including the Harris School of Public Policy, the Law School, or the departments of Political Science or Area Studies); or our IBEP partner schools. Additionally, IMBA students can further specialize their degree by completing concentrations.