Full-Time MBA

International Studies and Degrees

With campuses in North America, Europe, and Asia, Chicago Booth is truly a global school. If you're interested in international business, you'll obtain a global perspective - not only from the opportunities we provide - but from your fellow classmates, as well, who come from 48 different countries. Whether you're pursuing an International MBA or joint degree, studying abroad, internationalizing your MBA through your coursework, or participating in cocurricular activities, you'll be prepared for an international career at Chicago Booth.

International MBA

Students hoping to gain a deeper understanding of global business issues can pursue an International MBA (IMBA) degree. The IMBA builds on the Chicago MBA by including five international business courses, one academic term of study abroad, and a second language proficiency. Because the IMBA is a two-year program and rigorous in nature, we recommend that students enter the program with a strong second language proficiency.

Joint Degree Programs

  • MBA/MA in International Relations - The MBA and MA in international relations degree allows students to complement their business education by studying the role of ideas, interests, and power in shaping international relations. Students take theoretical and interdisciplinary courses in international relations and write a master’s thesis tailored to fit their specific interests and career goals.
  • MBA/MA in Area Studies - The MBA and MA in area studies degree allows students to develop an expertise in a specific geographic area, including Eastern Europe/Russia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, or South Asia. This program is ideal for students planning a career requiring both a complete set of international business skills and a thorough knowledge of international issues, cultures, or regions.

Study Abroad

International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) - Students seeking academic, cultural, and social experiences overseas can study abroad through our International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). Through IBEP, Chicago Booth students spend one academic term abroad at one of our 33 partner schools, situated in 21 countries around the world.

Internationalizing Your MBA

  • International Business Concentration - Our international business concentration courses will prepare you to lead in a global environment. You can choose from courses like Finance and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, Topics in the Global Economy, and International Financial Policy.
  • Labs - Some of our Management Lab teams have worked on problems of international scope, which has included sending teams of students overseas, for extended periods of time, to manage projects on-site.
  • Electives - You can take University of Chicago electives in international studies, languages, cultures, and civilizations.

Cocurricular Activities

  • Random Walks - Travel to countries like Argentina, Thailand, or Egypt before your first-year classes begin and get to know your fellow classmates.
  • Student-Led Groups - From planning a conference that explores the challenges and opportunities for EU/US business, to developing business plans and conducting market research on behalf of the Millennium Promise - a nonprofit organization that addresses extreme poverty in Africa - Booth students have many opportunities to address global issues through our cultural, career-focused, or special interest student-led groups.
  • Industry Treks - Our students have met with firms and recruiters on treks to Hong Kong, London, India, Dubai, Shanghai, and Latin America.

If you have questions about Booth's IMBA or study abroad opportunities, please contact International Programs at 773.702.4323 or international@lists.ChicagoBooth.edu.