Executive MBA

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Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

The Chicago Approach™ is all about collaboration: professors and students asking questions, debating, testing theories, solving problems, and defending solutions. At Chicago Booth, everyone works together to improve ideas and to make learning better.

In the Classroom

In the Executive MBA Program, your colleagues will bring an average of 13 years of work experience to discussions. A financial controller from Japan. A regional sales director from Vienna. A general counsel from Texas. Whatever the topic, someone is certain to have useful insights to share based on their own experiences.

In Study Groups

Collaboration really comes into play with Booth's study groups. Comprised of people with different nationalities, job functions, professional industries, and academic backgrounds, our study groups serve as both project teams for group assignments, and as an additional academic support network. In both instances, the perspectives and understanding of global business that they offer greatly enriches the learning process.

Geography is not an issue, even though most students reside outside the cities where the programs meet. Face-to-face meetings usually take place during the class sessions. View a sample of local and international study groups.

  • Local study group – You will be part of a five to seven member study group at their "home" campus. During the program, groups are re-formed so that you can get to know additional people in these small settings.
  • International study group – During Kick-Off Week, you will be placed into an international study group made up of Chicago, London, and Hong Kong students. Groups reconvene during the London and Hong Kong international sessions.

International Sessions

Students from all three campuses will meet four times to study together during our international sessions: Kick-Off Week in Gleacher Center at Booth’s downtown campus in Chicago; one week in London; one week in Hong Kong; and one two-week elective block in Harper Center at Booth’s Hyde Park campus in Chicago. These sessions are designed to expand your network of resources - in the classroom and out.