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If you’ve been invited to interview with Chicago Booth, congratulations! The time and dedication that you put into your application has gotten you to this point. You’re one step closer to the finish line – the last step is for you to ace your interview. Keep in mind that our interviews are a chance for Admissions to get to know applicants better as well as a time for applicants to ask questions and learn more about our MBA program. While reading, take into consideration that most tips can be used within an in-person or virtual interview format.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your in-person or virtual interview:

In-Person Interview

Tip #1: Relax and Be Yourself

  • Relax. You won’t be asked any questions intended to trick you. The purpose of the admissions interview is to further the acquaintance process – you get to know more about Chicago Booth and we get to know more about you. The interview simply helps both parties determine if the fit is right.
  • You don’t have to be nervous. There is no right answer for any question during the interview. Just be your authentic self – we invite applicants for an interview to discover more about you as a candidate, what you want to accomplish in your future, and how you hope to contribute to the Booth community.

Tip #2: Take Time to Prepare

  • When preparing for your interview, it helps to get your thoughts together in advance. With that in mind, take time to consider how you want to answer the following questions: What are your future career aspirations? Why is now the right time for you to get your MBA? What about our MBA Program excites you? These questions should sound familiar as you addressed most of them within your admissions essay. The interview is another opportunity for you to express why Chicago Booth is the right MBA Program for you.

Tip #3: Research the Program

  • The interview will be more advantageous to both parties if you come with a basic understanding of how the program you applied to is structured, whether that be the Full-Time MBA Program or Part-Time MBA Program. If you’re reading this blog now, you’re already taking one step in the right direction. Continue to explore the Booth website to find out more about what each program has to offer.

Tip #4: Be Succinct Yet Comprehensive

  • As you answer the interviewer’s questions, do so in a way that’s succinct yet provides full context. Answering questions in a way that’s straightforward and to the point provides more time for the interviewer to ask better questions to get to know you more. The more we know about you, the better we can assess your candidacy.

Tip #5: Ask Questions

  • The interview process is a two way exchange. As we find out more about you, you are interviewing us as well. The interview process is a great time to ask any questions that you have about the program you applied to.

  • If you have a lot of questions, the interview is your chance to ask someone who has been through the admissions process and MBA experience. Feel free to jot down your questions so that the ones you truly want answered don’t get lost in the moment. Asking questions is another way to demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to learn about Chicago Booth.

Virtual Interview 

Tip #1: Dress Professionally

  • Our virtual interview is very similar to our in-person interviews. The questions and length of the interview are the exact same. With that being said, we ask that you put your best foot forward just as you would for an in person meeting by dressing professionally in business attire.

Tip #2: Research Your Interviewer 

  • Applicants that elect the virtual interview option have the chance to know who their interviewer is prior to the interview. You have a unique opportunity to meet with a member of the Booth community during your interview. Virtual interviews are scheduled ahead of time – this means both parties have the chance to learn about one another in advance. Keep in mind that your interviewer is a passionate current Boothie or Booth alum who opted into volunteering their time and talent to truly get to know potential individuals of the future class.

Tip #3: Test Technology Beforehand

  • With virtual interviews as an option, testing your wifi connection, audio, and camera quality is essential. With there being a set amount of time allotted to the interview process, logging on early to ensure your technology is up to par is recommended. We want you to have a satisfactory interview experience, so try to do what you can on your end to make sure your virtual interview goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip #4: Be Conversational 

  • Be willing to listen and interact. The interview process is meant to be conversational, not a sales pitch. Given there can be connectivity glitches and internet freezes, go with the flow and don't let tech issues throw you off track. 
  • At Booth, we view the interview process as a two-way exchange, meaning you gain as much as you give during the interview. This goes for both virtual and in-person!

Tip #5: Share Your Story 

  • We want to hear your story! Every incoming Booth class is filled with bright individuals who are interested in exploring their particular interests in and outside of the classroom. Every story is unique and we want to hear yours. Being able to articulate your story by touching on your experiences, passions, career aspirations, and more is a critical component of the interview process.
  • Interviewers volunteer their time just to hear your story – our wonderful students and alumni want to learn about all of the great things incoming applicants are up to. So, be sure to share with your interviewer what your interests are.

One of the most important actions you can take at this time is to equip yourself with the tools necessary to ace your interview. Be yourself and enjoy the process.

We wish you the best of luck!