Coronavirus Updates

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the economy hard and poses unprecedented consequences for industries and companies. Strong business leaders are needed now more than ever – people who will help us rebuild and grow as the world adjusts to new challenges and ways of moving forward. Leaders like that start at Chicago Booth.


A Booth MBA creates bold visionaries others will look to in the post-pandemic job market. It begins with an MBA that teaches how to approach the unfamiliar and, more importantly, how to solve complex problems when there is no previous example to study. Make this your time to pursue a Booth MBA.


Leading the Way in Leadership Development

If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that leaders must possess qualities that instill confidence and trust in our fellow citizens, employees, and students. At Booth, the MBA begins with LEAD (Leadership Exploration and Development), an experiential course designed to help you identify your strengths and opportunities as a leader and integrate those insights into an active, intentional, and ongoing process of leadership development.


As one of the first courses of its kind at a major business school, LEAD is an integral component of Chicago Booth and is how students discover and understand their leadership capabilities. LEAD challenges students to explore who they are as leaders and how they want to be leaders by offering opportunities to gain self-awareness and take action for development. In pursuing a Booth MBA, you develop the skills necessary to lead teams with grace under fire, encourage honest communication, and facilitate corporate and personal growth during trying times.


Booth Students Are Always Connected 

We now find ourselves socially isolated for a good cause but this kind of isolation runs against human nature, says Nicholas Epley, the John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science at Booth and a Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow.


According to Epley, just because we have to keep physical distance from one another doesn’t mean we have to stop being social. There are ways to be prosocial, even from afar. In an online talk titled, “The Surprising Power of Social Connection,” Epley gave advice for how and why people should proactively stay socially connected amid the pandemic. “If we underestimate the positive effects [that instances of reaching out] can have on others, we might not do them,” he said. “That’s important now, when social connection isn’t as easy or automatic as it used to be.”


At Booth, students build long-lasting connections that extend beyond the classroom into personal and professional real (and virtual) lives. Megan Lambert, ‘20, Public Relations chair for the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and a co-chair of the Wine Club, explains that you never have to feel alone, even though we're all apart. Building a strong community was our primary goal over the last year and this time has provided the unique challenge of building community virtually,” Lambert says. “I'm fortunate to run two Booth accounts (one for SAC and one for Wine Club) so I get to see all the tags and [direct messages] with questions and stories about life in quarantine. We are here for each other. I know that I can reach out to anyone in this amazing community and they will help me or find someone else who can.”

Megan Lambert

"We are here for each other. I know that I can reach out to anyone in this amazing community and they will help me or find someone else who can."

— Megan Lambert, '20

Why Are You Here And Not Somewhere Else

Solve Problems in Real Time

The world is changing fast, suddenly, and unexpectedly, but we are not entirely in the dark. Booth teaches how to look beyond the present in order to be prepared for and act on the numerous potential futures.

As we experience this event without modern precedent, Booth students are working to solve new production and data crises that COVID-19 has revealed under our existing business and political structures. For example, a Weekend MBA student, Chandan Singh, ’20, is doing his part to help ramp up ventilator production with GE Healthcare.

“It’s a unique experience and a privilege to be in a position to help,” Singh said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of intensity and dedication for a cause in my career. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I hope our efforts here at GE Healthcare will have a positive impact on fighting this pandemic. The cause is worth it.”


Efforts like this represent Booth’s ethos. Our professors are the purveyors of thought leadership and consistently provide insights to help policy makers, businesses, investors, and our communities solve the unique problems that inevitably arise in a complex world. Likewise, Booth cultivates foresight in our students, which translates into innovation, progress, and an aptitude to tackle new challenges, large and small.

The Time to Make an Impact is Now

This pandemic has made us anxious about our health, our jobs, and our future. This does not mean that we should delay acting to advance our careers, cultivate our strengths, and build stronger networks. In the face of uncertainty, we can still commit to personal and professional goals. We extended the Autumn 2020 deadline to July 1, 2020, to allow more time to take the GMAT/GRE/EA exam. We also have multiple intakes during the year, so there is considerable flexibility regarding the timing of your application. This has been a trying time, which is why we want to do as much as we can to ensure everyone who wishes to apply for the Autumn Quarter has the opportunity to do so.

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