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Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at Chicago Booth?        
As a daughter of rural Minnesota and Bangkok, Thailand, I’ve seen how traditional business models, especially in a globalized world, don’t always lead to prosperity in rural or other disinvested places. Booth’s flexible curriculum, its emphasis on diversity of thought, and its Midwestern roots and global recognition made Booth the ideal program for me.
How will your Booth experience help you grow your career?
While I was applying to Booth, I sat in on a class about New Social Ventures. I immediately found myself reading, discussing, and soaking in case studies and lectures that applied directly to the questions I needed to answer in my work the next day. When the student next to me learned I was visiting, he immediately called over other classmates, who asked questions about me and my passions, and offered their own inspiring stories and purpose for an MBA. This mixture of passions, expertise, and authentic desire to share one’s gifts with others is the kind of interdisciplinary experience that will help me discover innovative, compassionate approaches to community investment.
Which MBA program are you pursuing and why?
I am pursuing the Evening MBA so that what I learn in the classroom can immediately translate into my work. I care deeply about place, and the flexibility of a part-time Booth MBA will allow my studies to be continuously grounded by the places, and people, that have gotten me here.


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