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For international students considering an MBA, there are a number of factors that contribute to the decision to pursue a degree in the United States. Some of those include an interest in building a strong global community, relocating to a city that aligns with their preferences, and figuring out how to finance the two-year experience. 

Born out of a strong interest in and love for Israel, Dennis and Jane Carlton are doing their part to lower the barrier to entry for Israeli citizens who want to obtain an MBA from Chicago Booth. The Dennis W. and Jane B. Carlton Fellowship is an annual full-tuition fellowship (plus $30,000 stipend each year) that was established in 2006 for students from Israel, particularly those who have served in the Israeli military. It includes a stipend, mentoring, and professional development from business leaders in the Chicago area, facilitated by the Jewish United Federation. One of the driving forces behind the fellowship is to continue investment in Israel, which is why recipients are expected to return to reside in Israel within five years of graduation. 

The benefits of the Carlton Fellowship certainly extend beyond the monetary component. For starters, in the twelve years since its inception, the number of Israeli students has increased exponentially building a robust community that supports each other. 

“In my year, there are 11-12 Israelis and moving to Chicago was a very easy landing coming with a lot of friends and a strong community,” said Rubi Vinnitsky, Class of 2021. “I arrived a bit later than others and the Israelis were the first ones to help me settle in.”

The Carltons themselves are continually connected and engaged with the Booth community. “Over the years, we have gotten to know not just the Carlton Fellows, but their partners as well… in some respects the Carlton Fellowship has become a bit of a family. My wife and I have worked to stay in touch with everybody,” said Dennis Carlton, who also offers up his time for talks and panels with prospective Booth candidates still researching MBA program options. 

While the number of Carlton Fellowships awarded varies each year, there is now a network of over 50 fellows who continue to stay in touch and support one another. Each year there is an annual meeting of the fellows, and in the interim there is a newsletter where fellows both new and old can share life and career updates with each other. 

Are you an Israeli citizen interested in a Carlton Fellowship? Following admittance to Chicago Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program in Round One and Round Two, eligible candidates are invited to submit a secondary application for the fellowship. Learn more about the admissions requirements and upcoming application deadlines here.