What made you decide to pursue an executive MBA?

After discharging from the Air Force, I worked for about 13 years in program management and corporate-level strategic sourcing in the aerospace and defense industry. At some point, I recognized that the aerospace industry is gradually moving on and I wanted to ride on the tide of this change. I decided to pursue business school to better prepare myself. I felt that an executive MBA program would be the best fit for me since I want to continue working while going to school.

What factors played into your decision to attend Booth?

When I started looking at business schools, I identified the “best ranked” schools by focusing on the ROI or other benefits I could make out of the program. Of course, Booth was on the top of the list from the beginning. As I got more information about the school, Booth became my top priority not only because it provides the most well-organized curriculum with the world’s best faculty but also due to its unique learning culture that values collaboration among the students.

How did it feel to receive the 75th Anniversary Scholarship?

I was grateful that I could be a member of this community; I did not expect to receive a scholarship! As I’ve experienced the program, I feel even more humbled and honored that I am the beneficiary of this scholarship because I recognize the quality of the professionals in the cohort. I view this not just as financial aid but also the community’s support for the road I will take forward. I am hopeful and excited that I can contribute to future programs as an alumnus of Chicago Booth.

What has been a significant or memorable experience that you have had during your first quarter at Booth?

I was surprised by the intensity and challenge of the courses. I am learning a lot from the passionate faculty and my fellow students who are supportive and collaborative with each other. Having conversations with my study group members has also been fun and productive because we share many things together, especially the feeling of excitement and a bit of fear for what the future holds after graduation. I remember one of the faculty members saying that pursuing an MBA is a tough process but it will eventually lead me to becoming a Boothie. Even though it is challenging, it is very exciting to see myself still growing in my 40s.

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Our History

The University of Chicago launched the world’s first executive MBA program in 1943. Here’s a look at our pathbreaking history.

Our History