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What made you decide to pursue an executive MBA?

I decided to pursue an executive MBA after evaluating my professional development, experience, and timing. I’ve had the privilege of a rewarding, global career so far and wanted to embark on another adventure that would be rich academically, professionally, and socially. An executive MBA program is that type of transformational, capstone experience.

What factors played into your decision to attend Booth?

The learning and resources at Booth will position me for the next stage of my career by allowing me to develop several proficiencies such as systematic decision-making, technological expertise, executive leadership, and the ability to influence. I wanted to be in a setting where I could discern the best ways to use these skills, both in my career and my community. Booth provides the peer network where I can develop deep intellectual, professional, and social bonds. I felt that the Booth community would be an invaluable resource years after graduation.

How did it feel to receive the 75th Anniversary Scholarship?

To say that I was humbled and honored by the award is an understatement. Attending Booth itself is a notable achievement. I immediately thought of the colleagues, mentors, teachers, and friends who had guided me along the way. I realize that I am now in a position of great responsibility, with an opportunity to impact others.

What has been a significant or memorable experience that you’ve had during your first quarter at Booth?

The most notable experience has been the way that our cohort has coalesced so quickly. It’s evident in the ways that we support each other academically, encourage classmates who undergo challenges and share our lives with each other. Every Executive MBA graduate mentions the close bonds formed among classmates. This is already evident in our class. I really admire my classmates.

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Our History

The University of Chicago launched the world’s first executive MBA program in 1943. Here’s a look at our pathbreaking history.

Our History