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According to Guinness World Records, the most balls juggled by a single individual is 11. This is quite an amazing feat, but it pales in comparison to the amount of juggling our Chicago Booth Evening and Weekend MBA student group leaders successfully manage on a quarterly basis. During my past two years at Chicago Booth, I can personally attest to the amount of time and energy our leaders commit to enhancing the Booth student experience, and I’d like to share my insight on this distinct level of dedication.

If I Could Turn Back Time…
If you don’t know by now, Booth is all about data. With this in mind, let’s take at a look at the following breakdown:

Booth Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Time Commitment Per Week:
The chart above demonstrates how the average Evening or Weekend student’s time is allocated each week. Naturally work and sleep dominate the majority of each day, leaving only 33% available to fit in class, studying, and everything else going on in their extraordinarily busy lives. Within this small window of time, many of our students decide to take on a leadership role from one of our 44 student groups. Sounds impossible, right?  Let’s learn how and why they do it.

There are currently 200 leaders among our 44 student groups. Each group has anywhere from three to seven co-chairs, and will typically onboard a new set of leaders once a year. The co-chairs are responsible for upholding the bylaws and mission statement established at the group’s inception. They collaborate on ideas and hold at least one event each quarter; last year alone, they hosted over 350 events! Each student group also receives support from a programs office staff advisor who serves as a liaison to internal and external stakeholders, assists with monitoring budgets and expenditures, and supports the overall vision of the group.      

A large part of the MBA experience is building and maintaining your network, and becoming a group leader allows students to play a significant role in shaping the Booth community. They are at the forefront of creating opportunities for their peers to connect in areas of career advancement, leadership development, recreational activities, social engagement, and much more. But don’t just take it from me. Stephen Hubel, a current student and co-chair of Booth Pride, explains his reason for taking on a leadership role: “Booth is a community where the more you put into the program the more you will get out of the experience. If it wasn't for students taking ownership of their experience at Booth, the program wouldn't be what it is today. I view my involvement and engagement as my duty to guarantee the Booth Experience is perpetuated for future generations.”

As a Booth student, you’ll have a chance to get to know our clubs and explore your areas of interest at our student group involvement fair, held at the beginning of the autumn quarter.

Want to be a master of time and make a lasting impact? Well, Chicago Booth is certainly the place to begin that journey.