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What made you decide to pursue an executive MBA?

When I graduated from the University of Zurich with a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance, I decided not to pursue a master’s degree right away, and instead test my theoretical knowledge outside of the academic sphere. I started working in a Swiss bank at the peak of the financial crisis. My 13 years of experience in finance have given me the opportunity to gain practice in my profession and see different fields of work and company structures. The idea of adding to my knowledge and enhancing my leadership skills grew over the past few years. An executive MBA felt like the right choice at this point of my career, as it allows me to grow personally, further my knowledge with a rigorous curriculum, and apply new insights with an immediate impact on my job.

What factors played into your decision to attend Booth?

Since all my academic and professional experiences were in Switzerland, I wanted to gain international exposure through my MBA. I looked at different schools in the United States and Europe. It was important to find a school that would challenge me in different ways (academically and personally), while also giving me the opportunity to build an active and diverse network. Booth met all of these criteria. The school’s academic reputation and faculty are outstanding. The analytical approach of the curriculum adds value in today’s data-driven world and allows students to challenge their logic. In addition, much emphasis is put on personal development. Lastly, I didn’t just find classmates in the program, but true friends. Booth connected me to like-minded individuals from all over the world. The diversity coming together every couple of weeks in London is amazing and not comparable to anything I have experienced before.

How did it feel to receive the 75th Anniversary Scholarship?

I felt proud to become part of the Booth community the moment I was admitted. Being selected for this award makes me feel even more humble. This scholarship represents the long history of the Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth and its enormous network of standout alumni who support the program after graduation. Being part of the rich tradition and excellence at Booth has made representing this university easy. I am excited to incorporate its standards into my professional life, living up to its values, and inspiring others to join this exceptional place.

What has been a significant or memorable experience that you have had during your first quarter at Booth?

My classmates have had a profound impact on me so far. You get to know them very well over the session weeks, especially the ones in your assigned study group. The amount of culture, different backgrounds, and diversity coming together is amazing. At the same time, the common goal of learning and incorporating as much as possible from the program aligns us and makes us grow as a team. Also, there’s always enough time for personal discussions amongst us. My perspective on various issues has been challenged and changed already. This isn’t what I initially expected from the Executive MBA Program, but I love it and I am excited for the rest.

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The University of Chicago launched the world’s first executive MBA program in 1943. Here’s a look at our pathbreaking history.

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