Coronavirus Updates

Physical barriers and timing restrictions have softened as events are now just a click away and we are able to connect with alumni around the world. I was fortunate to attend a recent event with alumnus Satyajeet Salgar, ’07, Group Product Manager at Google. While it may be frustrating at times to not be in a room live with our impressive network of alumni like we have in the past, I feel very grateful for the new opportunities made available by virtual events.

Fiona Kennedy
Fiona Kennedy

Hosted by the Kilts Center for Marketing, this event with Satyajeet in particular was especially helpful because it opened my eyes to the role of product management for a product that is deeply engrained in my everyday life—Google Search. I was curious to learn more about what managing this product specifically entails and how it has been impacted by the new COVID-19 reality. The intimate Zoom dialogue with Satyajeet answered my questions and more. It was extremely informative to receive an in-depth look into the role of creating influential product strategies and launching new products when there is a high level of ambiguity.

I especially enjoyed hearing about Satyajeet’s professional journey. It is always heartening to hear from alumni how they discovered what they love to do and then build a career out of it—and that this process doesn’t happen overnight. His advice to take every opportunity to learn more about a new position or get coffee with someone in an industry completely different than your own resonated with me. Immense learning opportunities and directional value lie within the community you surround yourself with and I appreciated hearing this guidance from Satyajeet.


The small-group discussion that the Kilts Center provided was extremely valuable. Not only did it provide informative insights into the exciting role of product management, but it also reminded me of how lucky we are to have a global network of alumni to learn from that is just a Zoom call away.


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