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After taking the time to craft and submit an application that puts your best candidacy forward, our admissions team begins the process of reviewing materials submitted by our latest pool of applicants. We review applications holistically, so each portion of the application holds equal importance. We do not prioritize any particular aspect, as our primary goal is to gain insight into your identity and motivations. Here's a brief overview of our admissions process once you've clicked the submit button:

  1. Initial Application Reviews
    The first step of our review process consists of our team making sure all submitted applications are complete. We will reach out to you if you have any missing items and give you a chance to turn them in. After fully completed applications are accounted for, members of the Admissions team will review your application in its entirety. You can expect to receive notification from us within 3-5 business days, indicating whether you have been selected for an interview or not.
  2. Invitation to Interview
    Being invited to interview signifies advancement to the next stage of the application process. Once interview invites go out, you’ll have the option to schedule an in-person or a virtual interview. Typically these interviews take place with a current student or alumni who is part of the Admissions Committee (AdCom). Those who select a virtual interview have a couple of weeks to complete the interview after being matched with an interviewer. In-person interviews take place Monday-Friday evenings at the Gleacher Center, in downtown Chicago. Keep in mind that this is the only interview associated with our admissions process.
  3. Post-Interview Review
    After the interview takes place, additional members of the Admissions team will review notes from the interview to take into account for final evaluation.
  4. Final Recommendations
    Towards the end of the admissions process, an Admissions Director will make a final recommendation to admit, waitlist, or deny admission to Chicago Booth. All final recommendations are reviewed one last time by the Director of Admissions.
  5. Decision Release
    Our complete application review process typically spans a duration of four to six weeks. There is no decision release day, as we admit students on a rolling basis once the application review process is complete.

We hope this information provides you with more clarity surrounding the admissions process. As you go through the application process and ultimately submit your application, we wish you the best of luck. Upon submission, as you wait to hear back from us, feel free to keep up with our latest student stories and take some much deserved time to rest.