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Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

“The messages in this book solidified my conviction to pursue an MBA. The book got me thinking about what I truly wanted out of my life and opened my mind to pivoting into a new career that would make me feel more fulfilled.” – Thomas Logan

Speed and Scale by John Doerr, a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins

“We all have a role to play in solving our climate crisis, and I think every prospective and current MBA student should consider what their role in this endeavor will be, regardless of the industry. This book is a fantastic primer on the problem at hand and the role that businesses must play in the solutions we pursue.” – Kruti Mehta

Boom Town by Sam Anderson

“Boom town is about a city rising from the ashes. It’s a reminder of how smart use of money can lead to social good and how often overlooked parts of the US are among the best parts.” – Jason Shain

A Framework to Contemplate Post-MBA Career Paths by Professor A.J. Wasserstein

“As someone with a non-traditional background, I didn’t know if an MBA would be right for me. This case note helped me understand many of the common post-MBA paths and how an MBA can help me reach my entrepreneurial goals.” – Zach Bidner