Coronavirus Updates

We are delighted that the Chicago Booth Executive MBA Program Asia returned to in-person instruction at the University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong in Summer Quarter 2023. This news comes after successfully navigating both virtual and hybrid program instruction and a temporary relocation to Singapore last autumn.

For incoming students, classes in Hong Kong mean a welcome return to the traditional program structure of our global Executive MBA Program. All new students will begin their program together during the global Kick-Off Week held in Chicago. From there, students will attend their “International Weeks,” where one-third of the students from each of the North America, EMEA, and Asia cohorts will attend one week of class in London and another week in Hong Kong. A hallmark of this global Executive MBA Program is that students have meaningful interactions with their classmates from around the world. This starts upon their arrival at Booth in Chicago, and continues as they travel the world with their classmates.

Booth faculty teach these students in Chicago, and in London and Hong Kong—not just for these International Weeks, but throughout the program. Every quarter, faculty travel to London and Hong Kong to teach and interact informally outside of the classroom with these globally minded students.

In late October in Hong Kong, Booth will celebrate its 125th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of the Yuen Campus. So while we’ve not been able to enjoy this campus for a few years, we’re making up for lost time now—the Yuen Campus is bustling!

Julie Morton

Associate Dean

Executive MBA Program

Julie Morton is the Associate Dean of the Executive MBA Program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Julie oversees all aspects of marketing, recruiting, and admissions; student life and program operations; and a unique integrated offering that delivers global career support, leadership development, and employer relations.

Julie Morton